Oishi Story

Swee's - Official Sole Distributor in Singapore


Born in 1974 in Manila, Philippines, the brand has been delighting consumers for over four decades. From Bread pan’s mini bread slices, to bursts of chocolate from Pillows, to Marty’s Cracklin’s vegetarian chicarron, and Oaties’ hearty milk with oats, Oishi products are recognisably delicious, unique, and of high quality. 

In 1984, Carlos Chan , co-founder of Oishi , began the expansion of Oishi to China. Known in China as “Oishi Shanghaojia,” which means “excellent, top grade and high quality,” Oishi has become “one of the most widely-respected and recognized brands. In 1998, Carlos Chan received a “Magnolia Gold Award” for his contributions to Shanghai’s development and in 2006 , Oishi Shanghaojia was declared a “Shanghai famous brand”.

Today, Oishi products are made available from over twenty (20) manufacturing facilities across Southeast Asia and China, and exported to several markets across the globe.


Why buy from us? Swee Hock Foodstuff Provision Co. is the officially appointed Sole Distributor for all Oishi products in Singapore. Only Oishi products bought with the sticker “Sole Distributor: SWEE HOCK FOODSTUFF PROVISION CO.” are imported directly from the production plant and have the shortest TTM (Time to Market) …….freshness in quality is thus assured!

Sole Distributor sticker