So Gummy

So Gummy, a chewy fruity yogurt drop with probiotic is now available!

Probiotics are good bacteria beneficial to our health, overall immune support and digestive system. In fact, it has been reported that 60% to 80% of our immune system is located in the gut, hence a healthy gut is important to our overall immunity.

Formulated by local snacks specialist, Swee’s & Co Pte Ltd, So Gummy not only taste good, it contains both probiotic and prebiotic, making the gummies a convenient and easy way to introduce good bacteria into your digestive system. Simply pop the gummies into your mouth and enjoy it as sweets at home, on the go and even at work.

So Gummy drop is bite size friendly to both the young (three years old onwards) and old. These palatable gummies will have everyone asking for more, especially so with their two distinct and refreshing flavours, the Blackcurrant and Yogurt Lychee.

So Gummy非凡软糖,易咀嚼,爽口,果香的奶酸糖附加益生菌现已发售!

捍卫肠道健康的软糖-非凡软糖So Gummy益生菌和益生元是保持肠道健康与维持免疫力的关键*。*益生菌

瑞私人有限公司推出的So Gummy非凡软糖可说是摄取益生菌的便利管道。软糖不 但 口 味 口 感 好,携带也方便。无论在家,出外诳街或工作,都能随时享用,便利多了!

此外,小块儿的So Gummy非凡软糖,三岁以上的孩童和男女老幼都皆宜。此外,爽口果香的奶酸糖可能会吃了又想吃喔! 因为软糖还有黑加仑和酸奶荔枝两种口味供选择。难怪吃非凡软糖时,就如吃零食般享受。